Our Philosophy

The Address of Trust

At STG we create our own fuel, the energy to do more and go beyond. Be it a challenge that we have triumphed, an idea that has captured our imagination or a feat that has surprised the world around us. All this and more inspires us to defy norms, to make new roads and to never stop.

This philosophy has helped us make a significant change in the realty skyline. It has been a decade of hard work, performance, learning and some unlearning. In this journey we have invested in people, in ideas, relationships and have earned something that we value the most. Trust.

Our Journey

Yesterday & Today

We had a humble beginning but with an achiever’s vision. Today, we’ve come a long way from an energetic bunch of, young guns to a well established and ever-expanding realty group.

In our diverse portfolio we have milestone realty projects, residential and commercial with specialised realty services. The group had also successfully diversified to hospitality, infrastructure and sports oriented business initiatives.

Our Team

Chairman & Managing Director

For Haresh Doulatani thinking is not doing, he’s a go-getter and sincerely believes in action. He’s a man with revolutionary ideas and an intuitive sense for opportunities. His incredible understanding of finances and expert management skills make him the strongest pillar in the STG structure.

Managing Director

Vinod Doulatani is the creative gene in STG. His approach to life, professional experiences and academic background allow him to view business with a unique perspective. He’s always for innovation, change and perfection. He’s passionate about sports and to create a global presence for the group.


Greener Tomorrow

In our own small way we’re contributing to a better and greener tomorrow. Every project of ours has an ecological understanding right from the blueprint stage. All our technology and building practices are aligned to this thought. We believe a bit of innovation, a lot of selflessness can make a big difference and tomorrows much greener.

Promoting Sports

Our country has an immense wealth of talented individuals, unfortunately most of them lack means and opportunities and the most ignored and under privileged lot is the sportsmen. STG has taken the responsibility to encourage sports and sportspersons in India. Apart from various corporate and coaching programs the group supports the players and athletes in various ways.